The All-time Best List of Flat Caps for The Golf Course

The golf flat cap: it’s the ultimate accessory for a sophisticated, timeless look on the golf course. While the flat cap continues to be one of the most flattering hats seen on, and off, the golf course, it also has a very practical role to play, keeping the head warm in winter, protecting it in summer, and keeping the sun out your eyes and focused on the ball in all seasons on the golf course.

Let’s dive deeper into why flat caps are the quintessential choice for the golf course.


Why you need flat caps for the golf course, and beyond.

  • Flat caps are a quick and easy way to achieve a sophisticated, elevated look.
  • Choose the right flat cap and you’ll soon be cutting a slimmer silhouette on the course.
  • Flat caps aren’t just perfect for golf, they are well suited to just about any outfit.
  • Many people choose flat caps for the golf course to keep their heads warm in winter, protected from elements such as wind or rain.
  • Flat caps of course also keep the sun off in summer.
  • A lot of golfers swear by the way flat caps help keep the gaze focused when playing.
  • Create a persona for yourself or enhance your personal style with the right flat cap, whether that look is dapper, dashing, intellectual, classic or a little bit fun.
  • There’s no doubt, many people wear flat caps for the golf course because of how confident they feel wearing them.


Where did flat caps originate?

The flat cap’s origins sit around 1751 when the British Parliament, in order to boost domestic wool sales, declared all non-noblemen over six must wear wool caps on Sundays and public holidays. The law has long since been repealed but the flat cap has endured as one of the most popular styles of hat worldwide.


Top tips for choosing the perfect golf flat cap.

The real beauty of the flat cap is how well they wear with just about anything. They can be both casual and understated or used to add a touch of class to your kit. Here are some tips of how to choose a flat cap to best suit your style and needs.

  • The material you choose makes a difference. Linen caps are a great for warm weather as they’re more breathable and help keep you cooler. Wool or tweed caps may feel a bit heavier, but they’re great for keeping your head warm on cold days.
  • Choose a colour that will go with anything. Neutral colours are better because they won’t clash with what you are wearing and will stand the test of time.
  • Simple is best when it comes to flat caps for the golf course. If you must choose a pattern, keep it classic such as a herringbone or classic check.
  • Understand your flat cap styles. The Ivy cap, driver’s cap or golf cap has a slimmer fit while the newsboy cap has a more pronounced full shape. The duckbill cap has a distinctive long curved bill and has gained popularity as a vintage look.
  • Consider comfort and fit when choosing a flat cap for the golf course. You want a style that fits comfortably around the back of your head and the style and size of the bill will depend on whether you intend to wear your cap to protect your eyes and face from the sun or as a bit of extra warmth on those biting cold days out on the course.


How a flat cap should fit for the golf course.

Golfers are generally quite snappy dressers and how you wear your flat cap is no exception to the rule. To pull off a sophisticated flat cap look on the golf course there are a few easy rules to follow:

Wear your cap facing the front, centered on your head, neither pulled down over your eyes or pulled up too high on your forehead.
The most sophisticated way to wear your flat cap is buttoned or with the peak and cap snapped together, this creates the perfect slim fit.
Play around with the brim of your cap to fit your face, a little bend here or tug there will help you to find that sweet spot that is just right for you.

Whether you are looking to elevate your personal style on the golf course, or just want an accessory that helps you exude confidence and sophistication any time of the day, there is a flat cap for you. We hope this article helps you find your perfect fit for on, or off, the golf course. Shop for Irish Flat Caps here.

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