What is the fascination with Irish grandfather shirts?

The Irish grandfather shirt is a loose-fitting, long sleeved, collarless shirt. Historically, they were typically made from cotton.

They were traditionally worn by the eldest breadwinners of the families. Because working men often had a few grandchildren before they ceased their physical labor, the garments became known as grandfather shirts.

Grandfather shirts resemble the old-fashioned button-down collars. They have many buttons down the front that are usually metal or plastic and are often seen as decorative. Some shirts can have as many as 15 buttons, with those closer to the top being smaller and spaced closer together.

These shirts have been popular in recent years as an alternative fashion sense with different brands taking the concept and modifying it for their collections.

This post is going to take a look at why grandfather shirts have endured over and what makes them a popular choice today.


Grandfather shirts are functional

Typically, a grandfather shirt that’s made from cotton is a warm, breathable and durable piece of clothing which helps to protect you from the elements while remaining comfortable to wear. Our stocked range of shirts follow the original, loose fit that gives you comfort when wearing.

When originally created, cotton was an accessible material which meant that it was ideal for being used to clothe the population of Ireland.


Grandfather shirts can be comfortable to wear when working

Some people may think of Irish grandfather shirts as being an item of leisure wear, but they can be worn for work as well. In Ireland they were often worn by farmers or peasants who worked outdoors, labouring in the fields.

This loose-fitting, durable material is a comfortable choice for working both outdoors or in an office. We’ve seen a growing number of people purchasing them as a casual shirt while working from home over the past 18months.


Wearers develop and own their own style

These days, variety and individuality are hard to come by. With the increase in chain stores around the world, you can see that so many people dress and look the same.

Grandfather shirts are often plain or sporting a simple striped design that is not common by today’s standards. That being said, they remain a timeless piece of clothing that is shared with a small but sizable number of people across the word.


Where can you find your own grandfather shirt?

Grandfathershirt.com is an Irish-owned company, based in Galway that supplies the best civilian grandfather shirts worldwide. Check out our range to find one that suits you. Or contact us with any questions you have.

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