Everything You Need to Know About the Irish Flat Cap

The Irish flat cap is the perfect marriage of a sophisticated, prestigious style coupled with an unpredictable, rebellious soul.

The look is timeless, and its versatility is renowned for elevating any attire that you are wearing with little effort.

It is no wonder that the Irish flat cap is coveted across generations, gender, and age.

How did one cap master such an influence on fashion?

The story is intriguing.


The History of The Irish Flat Cap

The flat cap was always a practical solution for keeping the sun out of the eyes and the head cool, or hot, depending on the weather, but the intrigue of the trend really sets in when in 1571, England created a law that flat caps had to be worn.

The goal was to boost the wool trade.

The law, of course, was repealed in 1597, but the simplicity of design and debonair style lifted the flat cap to fandom levels with the working class and the upper-class.

The two classes agreeing on a fashion accessory is unheard of and speaks volumes to the comfort and popularity of flat caps as a staple in daily life.

The popularity of the flat cap has not diminished over the years.

When David Beckham and Brad Pitt were recently captured sporting their Irish flat caps, it cemented the flat caps as being primary accessories in today’s fashion demand.

Flat caps are a recognizable icon in movies and television shows and is not slowing down anytime soon.

So, ready to jump on the flat cap bandwagon?

The key is finding the right one to define your style and personal flair.

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How To Pick The Perfect Flat Cap

Flat caps for men come in an array of colors and materials.

Irish flat caps are usually plaid or tweed.

The soft fabric covers the back and rounds to the front; the bulk of the cap is clipped to the front by either sewing or snapping, giving it a smart, finished look.

There are two styles as to how the flat cap is worn.

The first construct style is an easy trim with a single-piece that is pulled forward over the brim, creating a triangular profile.

This sleek look is the traditional Irish style.

The second is a bit bulkier, featuring a central point on the top with a button pulling the look together.

The body is still pulled over the brim, but not as much as the first style.

This second style is referred to as a ‘newsboy’ cap.

Picking the perfect flat cap style for you starts with finding the ideal size for your noggen.


How To Measure Your Head For A Flat Cap

You will want to use measuring tape that can fold around your forehead in order to get a good fit.

Start at the center of your forehead below the hairline and wrap the tape around the circumference of your head over the ears and the fullest part of the back of your head, bringing the tape around to its start.

You will want to measure the circumference of your head three times.

Then, take the average of all three measurements.

It is the average of those measurements that you will need to know in finding your perfect flat cap.

With this number, you can find your size in the retailer’s hat size charts.

Getting the right measurement is of paramount importance to optimize your style and not diminish the look.

Now that you know your size, you should know how to wear it to enhance your swagger and style.


How To Wear A Flat Cap

Flat caps can be worn as both a casual and business accessory.

The cap does all the work for you in elevating your look with minimal effort.

That is the magic of a flat cap and why it is ideal in every situation.

The flat cap can also be worn by women, men, and children of any age to dress up any outfit, especially keeping the cap neutral in color.

Wearing flat caps that are gray or brown with simple or no patterns have the best results in completing your look.

There is a style for every season, lightweight material and color for the hotter months and heavier with darker tones for the cooler months.

Here are a few key essentials on how to wear a flat cap:

  • Colors and Patterns – The shade and pattern should not directly match the color of your attire. Remember, the cap does the work for you, so don’t try too hard. The effortless style of the flat cap stands alone. The neutral colors of your flat cap will bring out the personality in any color that you wear.
  • Front and Center – Please do not wear the cap backward, similar to a baseball cap. This takes away from the prestigious look. Also, don’t pull it up to expose your forehead; doing so diminishes the hint of mystery and appeal. The flat cap has stood the test of time because of the authentic look it brings in the mixture of aristocrat and working class. The look is perfected and easy to pull off by merely wearing it as it should be worn.
  • Keep It Modern – You don’t want to look like a blast from the past like you just stepped out of a history book. This is a big mistake in trying too hard to pull off an effortless look. You can wear a flat cap with trendy jeans, suits, dresses, and skirts. There is no need to take an aged look with such a versatile icon of an accessory.
  • Own Your Look – Make sure to shape the brim to your liking. This doesn’t require a lot of pulling and tugging; simply curve the brim to better fit your head and contour naturally around the face.
  • Keep It Snappy – Always wear your flat cap snapped or buttoned.

This keeps the look sharp and tidy.

Wearing it unclipped is unkempt and depreciates the look.

Following these guidelines will allow you to capitalize on the unique look that your flat cap adds to your wardrobe.

Soon, it will become a virtual extension of who you are as it exerts your personality into what you wear, and you will want more of them.

Since the flat cap is so influential globally, and now a staple in your daily gear, taking care of your flat cap is vital.


How To Care For Your Flat Cap

Keeping your flat cap looking like new will help keep your look fresh and crisp.

How you care for your flat cap depends on the fabric it is made out of.

Wool is generally the most widely used and is relatively easy to clean.

To clean your wool, cotton, or linen flat cap:

  • Fill a sink with lukewarm water
  • Woolite is the best cleaner for wool items; add a few cap fulls to the water
  • DO NOT get the brim wet
  • Immerse the back cap in the water for 5 to 10 minutes, cleaning it back to front
  • Swirl the cap around to make sure it has been cleaned through
  • Hold the cap under running water to rinse until the water runs clear from the cap
  • The inner sweatband should be given a good once over with your fingers
  • Blot with a towel, absorbing as much water as possible
  • Place the cap on a drying rack and shape it as best you can; it will dry that way
  • DO NOT place in heat or direct sunlight

Avoid washing the brim unless it is extensively dirty.

In this case, take a warm washcloth with the Woolite to the brim.

The brim is usually made with cardboard and can crack or lose shape when they are wet.

This is something to keep in mind when cleaning your cap.

Generally, you won’t have to wash your flat cap unless it was dragged along a street.

The only part of your flat cap to be cleaned would be the sweatband to clear it of oil and sweat.

Caring properly for your flat cap will add to its longevity and keep your fashion mastery level intact.


Flat Cap Graduate

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Irish flat cap, there is nothing left to do but start shopping for your perfect one to complete your ensemble.

Following this helpful guideline of what to do with and how to wear your flat cap will ensure success in refining your look and leaving a lasting impression on the people you meet.

Wearing a flat cap with professional suits exudes confidence, accountability, and a cool exterior that says you can handle any job.

Wearing the flat cap with casual gear leaves an impression of intellect, dependability, and a hint of spontaneity.

Whatever you decide to wear your flat cap with, you are sending the right message.

It is hard to argue against a look that has transcended class, time, and gender.

There is nothing quite like an Irish flat cap.

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